Thursday, September 24

walkeat. walk and eat

there're a lot things that i couldnt forget if i went to Jakarta!

Bakmi GM ! yum !
find Bakmi GM at Sarinah or MKG 3. but in this case, i went to Bakmi GM MKG 3. 

i bought in large cup fro-yo with three toppings (mochi ! milo and chocolate)
find Heavenly Blush at MKG 3 in front of Gaudi.

Tom Yum Mee so spicy and hot !
find it in Urban Kitchen Senayan City

desert? Sour Sally Green Tea fro-yo kiwi as my answer!
find Sour Sally at Lower Ground Senayan City, nearby

with my car, go to nearby Bogor or Bandung to get some...
(Look ! My childhood name on it !)


love love looove !

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