Sunday, May 23

Lucifurr Gray :)

the fact, I bought him on last weekend when I spent my time with my boyfriend. He's totally cute little monster. And now he loves to bite his cage, eat so much food I given, also climb till the highest part of his cage. Hamster is a night-animal. So he always make a pityful loud sound at mid-night when he bites his cage. And I'm always awaken by his pityful sound he made. He loves scratch and rub his body, but he doesn't work at all. He's totally a lazy fatty cutie hamster. LOL.

He's kind of Winter Hamster, which doesn't love to bite as Campbell Hamster does. I love him at my first sight, because he's gray! That's why I put 'Gray' on his name. And my boyfriend named him as 'Lucifer', remembering my boyfriend's hamster which already died. But I think Lucifer is a bad name. So I gave him "Lucifurr" because he's Lucifer in thicky gray furr. Well, so his name now Lucifurr Gray. :)

Lately I had so much problems, but when I see Lucifurr, everything's okay.

Be long time with me Lucifurr, I love you :)
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There's No Success without Progress

You know that I've had failed for again? Well yeah, this is kinda embarassing. I just want you to know that I tried all my best which I can..
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Friday, May 21


I'm worried about the notification result. That's written the 3rd of May 2010, but it still couldn't be accessed. So what I do is just checking the website as the date changin day by day. Even it's just like the same, nothing changes.

You know this hardly feeling-just like a down feeling-because I'm still unable to make Daddy proud of me. Oh Daddy, I'm sorry :'(

So I'm expecting the acceptances on faculty of medicine, and 600 for my TOEFL score.

Yeah as you know, Daddy.
I love you.

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Thursday, May 20

Fingerboards and Dawgtown.

Lately I'm so interested learning some tricks of fingerboard. People get used to called it as "Tech Deck". It's a brand name of fingerboard. My friend, whose usual called as Amied-engkol, is a skater. He said that fingerboarding is more difficult than a real skate. That's so confusing me. How come? it's just using our right-fingers-hand and you just seat down on chair, then play fingerboard. But the fact is, fingerboard is need more handle, patience, and concentrate. Fingerboard must be suited with you, you have to be one soul with it, so then you can start to play.

In Balikpapan, fingerboarders have a group calles "Dawgtown". One of them is my boyfriend, he's Adam. He teaches me Ollies and Nollies. But I'm still can't get used to play Nollies trick, maybe someday I will. Yeah, fingerboard need some practises and takes long time.

Obstacle is a name of fingerboard arena. If there's some of obstacles, so we could called it as skate-park. Just like my boyfriend do, he put some obstacles in his car, so it's became a skate-park. Uhm, what a guy always do.

My first fingerboard was given by Adam. It's colored deep purple and the draw is just simple as I am. Then, if I'm already get used to fingerboard, I'll buy some more. (Yeah you know, girl, like me, love to see so much colors?)

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Tuesday, May 11

Miss Him

As the air blow our face so firmly.
Smell so freshy like rain falls daily.
You bring me from dark to the light.
Truthly sight side you said allright.

Oh baby so missing you I so deep.
Wanting you here inside the jeep.
Beside me, hold me so closely love.
No problems dear evrything solved.

Touch me soft and erase all sorrow.
Just like only today and no tomorrow.
No one can borrow, so sticky like glue.
So pinky no blue indeed such kinda clue.

You are my Adam, and I'm your Eve.
Just tell deeply feel and just believe.
Sleek like sleeve and I'm so love you...
And I'm here inside so missing you...


Thursday, May 6

Texted My Daddy

I know you Daddy. And I love you. A huge of heart-feelings that you shud know, I promise to make you proud.