Monday, November 15

Stripes Meet Fluffin

Zara dress & belt - Gosh sling bag - Forever21 pink ring - Unbranded bangles & flat

when I heard about some disasters happened in Indonesia, i keep praying God for His kind. Erruptions, Floods, Earth-quakes, came in different spots. Sumatera, Java, even Papua, and just a few hour ago, it was happened in Maluku. We dont need any sorry or regretful feelings, but this is the time for us to proof that Indonesia is solid! Indonesia can help theirself each other with our hands. We aint no longer to wait for another people hands, but yes! we can do it by ourself. So keep #PrayForIndonesia .

Lately again, I am so busy to do many jobs. assignments, examinations, and so on. Furthermore, I just recorded my new songs. They are still gonna be Rap songs and I hope you'll like it! wait for the launch, and get free download for you all!

Monday, November 1

Disables still ables.

last 30th October, our Faculty gave us assignment to visit YPAC (Yayasan Pendidikan Anak Cacat). this place is a school for every single disable school-aged people. they were so amazingly incredible! they can sing songs, even do the flag ceremony! there, i greet Rizka and Vivi. they made me understand that disable aint really cannot do anything. they are the proof that we still have hope.

"this room is just like a wise person,
the door is so friendly
open for every single people"