Friday, April 30

Exciting Friday, Surabaya

So much things that I couldn't let my smile off. Today I met with my friends : Anya and Ewi at Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya.

Then we had Sally Candy with Mix Mochi on it. My mom bought me the Judy from Louis Vuitton. That was so unexpected! Me? Really? Having a really new bag? Woohoo!

So I bought a cool t-shirt at Hardware, I love it at my first sight because it has Julius Caesar face on it. I don't know why, I just love it. So I bought it for my lovely Adam.

Then I bought a bracelet from Phoebe&Chloe, and I got a new bangle from Ewi.

Yeah, what a beautiful day! Ever!
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Thursday, April 29

Step of Future

I'm now in Surabaya for deciding my bright future to be a dermathologyst. Before that, I shud take faculty of medicine for about 5-6 years. My parents always tell me that a woman must have to get a job, so she'll never asking too much money from her husband. So she can stand alone, with her own salary. Quite so interesting for me, sounds not bad, as a woman, I have to get my own. Also remembering my hobby is shopping too. Heheh :p I don't let people think that I'm a materialistic woman. Hey, I'm a mature woman!

So here I am, taking a very first start to step up. Wish me luck. So then you could meet me as your dermathologyst ;p

Amin ya rabbal alamin :)

Have a nice day, fellas!! :D
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Tuesday, April 27

I Have to LOVE Monday :)

Hey people, what's up?
How's your monday? Do you still hate monday? Because I'm not. You know the good news is : I AM GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL! This news is so refreshing my day, I will NOT wearing uniform anymore! Maybe I'll miss spending my time with friends; talk-alot, cheering, laughing, and also cheating together! But on this final time, we've got our answer, we are graduated with our best final scores. That's so exciting moment :)

I will NOT forget when I wasted my time with friends.
We are one, we are will NOT be separated by miles.

Thank you Allah for Your best gifts.
Thank you for this 3 years, fellas.
Thank you Smansa Balikpapan.
Thank you readers, for keep reading day by day.

Keep this promise. We'll meet again for next 10years and bring our Ferrarri :p

I love you all. Forever :)

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Saturday, April 17

hello, mid-april ! how are you ?

So hard to tell my parents that I've failed for utul UGM (Gadjah Mada University's Examination). Maybe it's not an ending, this is where I start. Sorry for this unacceptable news for you, this is the truth; maybe I've dissapointed you, trully I'm apologize, I'm not a perfect person. So give me a time. This is not an end. Right?

Maybe that's unwell starting to write down here, but I'm just telling you that fail isn't calculated by what you earn. But you're success when you could survive in many cases, be a survival person. So you'll get easier to solve your problems.

Maybe I'm not strong enough. I was crying, so lately crying. But what I cried to? Because you fail? No! I have to survive this. Solve this. So I'll become a stronger person!

I am loving you readers, my friends. You all always listen to me, nice listeners :')

On my next post, maybe I'll giving you SPECIAL GIVEAWAYS!!

Keep stay tune, friends!
I'm loving y'all!

Monday, April 5

i love my mommy

She's the best woman I've ever knew. She's ironing, washing, cleaning, and take caring of her family. I love her and she's my mom.