Monday, July 12

Smells Freshy Air of Life

I wrote this when I'm still in Madina. Well, this is my 4th times for omra. Alhamdulillah :)

I went to Jeddah from Jakarta by plane of course, using Garuda Indonesia, I left Jakarta on Sunday afternoon, around 4pm indonesian west time. Then I arrived at Jeddah around 10pm on KSA time. It takes 9 hours from Soekarno-Hatta airport Jakarta to King Abdul Aziz airport Jeddah. No rest of time, we shall got to Makkah by bus. It was take 2 hours to Makkah after we had taken our spell "niat" for omra called as "Ihram". If you had taken your ihram, there's so much rules you have to obey. If you don't, you have pay the fare (buy camel or goats) and your omra will be canceled.

We arrived at Makkah around 2am, after we had rest for 30minutes, we hurried to Masjidil Haram for Tawaf and Sa'i before Subuh's adzan. The weather in Saudi is now summer. On the night like this, it's about 29 degrees of celcius, and could be 50 degrees of celcius on day. It's so hottie and dryness summer! You should put lip balms and mosturizers to keep your skin from out of its wetness. Just like my skin now is so dying dryness, and it's so flirting to be rubbed. But when I scratched it, my skin is painfully bleeding and hurt. Don't forgot about your heels too, it would be so dry and rough because its dryness. So the conclusion is, don't forget to bring your lipbalms and lotions! :p

Although it seemed like I was so painful and hot, it's not just the same if we're visiting our God there; find for His mercy acceptance of our sins, and between the sweats and tears, we're here now is just finding His awesomeness heaven to be we live it later after we die. As you know that we're just life in this whole world for a very short time. So don't we never try to waste it, do we? Ka'bah is so soulful place I love. People from all over the world are gather in one heart, sweats and tears, hoping for Allah's mercy. Bismillahiallahuakbar, as we screamed about, In the name of Allah the biggest for all.

After 3 days stayed in Makkah, we left for Madinah, our prophet Muhammad's place. I love to being here in Madinah. It's not about just a soulful place, but it has a love and welcomeness from our prophet Muhammad to be here. We'll feel so in love with Muhammad and we'll remembering his big deal of spreading Islam. He's the one we love, our love. And don't forget about Ajwa's kurmas. It's Muhammad's kurmas. Its measurement is about a thumb of adult man and deep colored of black. Its skin is rough and it's so tasty. Try to eat 7 of it every morning breakfast and as Muhammad says we'll covered from bad black magic. Inshaallah.

The interesting taste of arabian foods are: they're not so tasty and spicy, besides they love to put some herbs to make them so smelly and they love ketchup so much! That's why I think only indonesian's food which combine all about herbs, spices, taste, and also still smells so good. Arabian people love to eat a very sweet dessert. As the example, they put some whipped creams, chocolates, and syrups on their tasty yet ice cream! And don't forget about their monster's portions. If we are indonesians could share a basket of bread, they just eat it for theirself! A basket of bread for a people! That's why they're so bigger than other asians people.

Not too much pictures I took. but I felt heavenly peaces while stayed there :)

May Allah Bless our each day in life :)
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