Thursday, July 22

Relationship Love

‎​There're so enough bullshitness relationship, it's all just ruin many and gain nothing. It's so wasting time. By sex before marriage? Their mindset are too childish for me and I couldn't get used to them. Relationship is about caring, love each other, feel togetherness, happy, and anykinda things that you could name it. So badly I just dig into some wrong holes, when besides I'm not seeing you before.

I don't ever care of what you looks like, or what you wear, or even anything elses. I am so fall into you, for this shortly time, we never meet yet, but I'm so exactly deeply feel so comfortable to being on your side.. You know how to treat woman, I'm so appreciated that.

Not every guy doing like that, I mean, how to treat women for real.

Thank you for came into my life just in the right time.

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