Friday, July 23

Combats The Lavender

Nikicio long dress - Zara belt - F21 feather ring

Lately I'm so pushed myself too much. Maybe fullfiled of pressure make me is so uncomfortable even if I had my own body to go. I need some refreshment, not calling a general air, but really need some recess. I had a very badly insomn. I could steady weady turned on eyes without fall asleep for 4 days or more. Maybe it would be worse on someday. But somehow, I let it go just like nothing happened. And so badly for today, I'm so tired to being an insomnian. I have to cure myself, but how? I know I have to sleep. But I couldn't for these couple days. Although I hadn't got some rest night, I could stand and doing all the jobs all day long without feel tired or something! Weirdo huh? My friend told me if I'm not tell this to the doctor, my liver would be get sick. Hey, my father is a doctor and he's not caring me even if I'm sleeping or not! LOL. Yap, maybe today is the punishment because of I had so rare time to take rest. And somehow I need some sleeps. Good night :)

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