Sunday, November 8

mommie bought me a couple of cupcake!

yesterday for the first time, i've tried J.Cool (frozen yoghurt from J.Co) and it wasn't taste so bad. heyeeh, like an ussual froyo. but J.Cool is cheaper than other froyo. i bought a single cup and just spent IDR 15,000. but i still love Red Mango and Sour Sally. i just fall in love with them and their toppings just like kiwis and mochis. erwwrr. i gotta turning back to Jakarta and buy some !

Mommie bought me two cupcake *kisses* eww it so so yum. i scared to broke the icing above the cupcake so i just did eaten it from under to top! hahaha. well, i keep the sugar icing and doing nothin of it. what a fool ! LOL.

people tellin me that i have two great new songs, that i cant handle to smile and smile. but okay, i didnt mixing it well. but yeah, i am soo happy that they're like my songs!

so yummie yummie day. get back sunday!

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