Monday, November 9

the end of examinations! yay!

the pictures been taken when i'm still on examinations. haha. see the first pic? that's i sell on my FaceBook and to all of my friends. haha. VISIT MY ONLINE SHOP HERE. :pp

and the second pic describes corruption case happens in Indonesia. all is just about money, money and moneys. =,=

the third describes when i'll having a Biology Examination, and i choose to browsing Facebook Mobile rather than studying. and you know what, i had a bad score of it! hueee~~

fourth is my table. very full of accessories. heheh. i dare you to tidy it up! so i gotta angry to you. huaha. just kidding.

and the end pic is my lovely Mac. my friend, my boyfriend, my husband. always accompany me whatever i am. *haha of course lah, he is my Mac! just a thing.

this day is the last day of examination and i've already checked my Physic score is about 83,33. eww!! so amazing!!!

happy happily eva afta. ;))

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