Thursday, April 29

Step of Future

I'm now in Surabaya for deciding my bright future to be a dermathologyst. Before that, I shud take faculty of medicine for about 5-6 years. My parents always tell me that a woman must have to get a job, so she'll never asking too much money from her husband. So she can stand alone, with her own salary. Quite so interesting for me, sounds not bad, as a woman, I have to get my own. Also remembering my hobby is shopping too. Heheh :p I don't let people think that I'm a materialistic woman. Hey, I'm a mature woman!

So here I am, taking a very first start to step up. Wish me luck. So then you could meet me as your dermathologyst ;p

Amin ya rabbal alamin :)

Have a nice day, fellas!! :D
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