Tuesday, April 27

I Have to LOVE Monday :)

Hey people, what's up?
How's your monday? Do you still hate monday? Because I'm not. You know the good news is : I AM GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL! This news is so refreshing my day, I will NOT wearing uniform anymore! Maybe I'll miss spending my time with friends; talk-alot, cheering, laughing, and also cheating together! But on this final time, we've got our answer, we are graduated with our best final scores. That's so exciting moment :)

I will NOT forget when I wasted my time with friends.
We are one, we are will NOT be separated by miles.

Thank you Allah for Your best gifts.
Thank you for this 3 years, fellas.
Thank you Smansa Balikpapan.
Thank you readers, for keep reading day by day.

Keep this promise. We'll meet again for next 10years and bring our Ferrarri :p

I love you all. Forever :)

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  1. Selamat ya...salam kenal dari wedding belle, blog ini isinnya tentang pernikahan. Mampir ya