Saturday, April 17

hello, mid-april ! how are you ?

So hard to tell my parents that I've failed for utul UGM (Gadjah Mada University's Examination). Maybe it's not an ending, this is where I start. Sorry for this unacceptable news for you, this is the truth; maybe I've dissapointed you, trully I'm apologize, I'm not a perfect person. So give me a time. This is not an end. Right?

Maybe that's unwell starting to write down here, but I'm just telling you that fail isn't calculated by what you earn. But you're success when you could survive in many cases, be a survival person. So you'll get easier to solve your problems.

Maybe I'm not strong enough. I was crying, so lately crying. But what I cried to? Because you fail? No! I have to survive this. Solve this. So I'll become a stronger person!

I am loving you readers, my friends. You all always listen to me, nice listeners :')

On my next post, maybe I'll giving you SPECIAL GIVEAWAYS!!

Keep stay tune, friends!
I'm loving y'all!

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