Sunday, January 9

Walking By Through

sometimes I wonder back to my past. when I had really jump down and suck into the ground when I'm broken. like there's no day after tomorrow. feels like I'm dying to be true, and more I think about it so more I'm melted out. tears fell down on my cheek everytime, and my body got into point of weakness. yeah, maybe that's happen when we are broken. eventhough you're not really fall in love with someone and you broke up, or you're landed in dissappointness land, we ever feel that.

every step I take, I always think about what am I gonna do. but when I'm pissed off, every little plan I made just become nothing, bad tempered is ruined everything. then, here I cry.

every smile I make, I always think about what do I supposed to do. but when I'm mourn, every jokes I create just become nothing, again, here I cry.

when people think I'm stupid or everything you can imagine, I'll comes up with rainbow on my eyes. so there I could see them peaced and be settled arround me.

but there I see.
Be calm, thats the point.
Trust God, thats what I mean.

people life arround you for not making you down. but they really help you to be more better you.
haters come up with their consonant voice, maybe theyre smile when you fall. but they really notice you as their rival. to motivate you to be more better. so thank them.
lovers side up with their vocal voice, then there they helped you out from the box. they make you realize you're still exist. so thank them.
and, friends. they're not there because they should to. but they're there because they choose to. so thank them.

falling down is not your over. life is a game. risk is the part. so move on! take your risk, so you are alive!

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