Tuesday, January 4

On The Night Like This.

sometime I wonder about you. you, yes you. you fillin my heart with somekinda weird feelin, you brought me into your life. you are not a saviour in your darkness armor. you are not a superhero comes in every dangerous situation. you are just you. you are so special to be mentioned with words, and words aint describe detailly.

December, 20th 2010. you came in front of my dorm, and you said that you want to be closer to me, after soooo long time, after that confusing things i catched up from you, and you seemed perfectly didnt care of me. but there I saw you, you brought a-super-teddy-bear-that-so-I-wanted-to, in front of my friends and yours, you told me that you feel me the same, that we are match each other, and you want me to fill your heart. suddenly I closed my eyes, just like a very nice dream and I didnt want to wake up! but I opened my eyes and I still could see you. standing with worry-face like. and I was smiling, I hugged that Teddy Bear you gave me. so big until I hard to reach my hand each other :) and I said, yes! I love you. for a looooong time.

December, 30th 2010. in the morning you came to my dorm. back of your car was what the first time I look. I see your rear wiper with a hand bucket of red roses. I shocked. and exactly not just that, I saw that our relationship date and its hour 's sticker already sticked up on your rear window of your car. then you came out from inside your car and tell me that you love me. you are so sweet. and by sudden I hugged you, I wanted to cry but I cant. I am too happy to feel tear rolls down on my face.

I'll always love you. RBW.

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