Sunday, May 23

Lucifurr Gray :)

the fact, I bought him on last weekend when I spent my time with my boyfriend. He's totally cute little monster. And now he loves to bite his cage, eat so much food I given, also climb till the highest part of his cage. Hamster is a night-animal. So he always make a pityful loud sound at mid-night when he bites his cage. And I'm always awaken by his pityful sound he made. He loves scratch and rub his body, but he doesn't work at all. He's totally a lazy fatty cutie hamster. LOL.

He's kind of Winter Hamster, which doesn't love to bite as Campbell Hamster does. I love him at my first sight, because he's gray! That's why I put 'Gray' on his name. And my boyfriend named him as 'Lucifer', remembering my boyfriend's hamster which already died. But I think Lucifer is a bad name. So I gave him "Lucifurr" because he's Lucifer in thicky gray furr. Well, so his name now Lucifurr Gray. :)

Lately I had so much problems, but when I see Lucifurr, everything's okay.

Be long time with me Lucifurr, I love you :)
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