Thursday, May 20

Fingerboards and Dawgtown.

Lately I'm so interested learning some tricks of fingerboard. People get used to called it as "Tech Deck". It's a brand name of fingerboard. My friend, whose usual called as Amied-engkol, is a skater. He said that fingerboarding is more difficult than a real skate. That's so confusing me. How come? it's just using our right-fingers-hand and you just seat down on chair, then play fingerboard. But the fact is, fingerboard is need more handle, patience, and concentrate. Fingerboard must be suited with you, you have to be one soul with it, so then you can start to play.

In Balikpapan, fingerboarders have a group calles "Dawgtown". One of them is my boyfriend, he's Adam. He teaches me Ollies and Nollies. But I'm still can't get used to play Nollies trick, maybe someday I will. Yeah, fingerboard need some practises and takes long time.

Obstacle is a name of fingerboard arena. If there's some of obstacles, so we could called it as skate-park. Just like my boyfriend do, he put some obstacles in his car, so it's became a skate-park. Uhm, what a guy always do.

My first fingerboard was given by Adam. It's colored deep purple and the draw is just simple as I am. Then, if I'm already get used to fingerboard, I'll buy some more. (Yeah you know, girl, like me, love to see so much colors?)

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