Thursday, March 4

Nefertiti, Kimmy, and SOLO :)

my family and I were having a trip to Solo !  I don't think Solo is good for a shopper like I am, but I think Solo is a peaceful city with its own history ! lovely, for the Batiks, and so many things about its evironment, more cleaner than Yogyakarta (maybe) :)

i received some packages :

first, is from Nefertiti :)



Nefertiti necklace - Rip Curl loose shirt - Swatch watch - F21 ribbon ring

i asked help to my father to took this picture while mommy still busy trying so much blouses in Bilqis boutique. :p again, sorry for the badly poor quality of this picture ;(

second, i received from Kimmy shoe :)

so very grateful thank you ! later, i promise i'll wear those stuffs and post it.

sorry for taking so long time to write on, because i have to study again for UAN and Universities Applications.

have a nice nice everytime ! :)

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