Sunday, March 28

just like whipping a horse which already exhausted..

Sometimes what we already did and said on the past still remaining every stories that couldn't be erased or removed. I do regret for every pieces of mistakes that I've already done, which is may hurt somebody else, etc. Yeah, it might me had been said and written, so all I need to do is just apologizing. I am so excited that people and world had changes me. I learned many things that already happened from the past, they weren't histories, but somekinda teacher; the silent things which teach me day by day, and I think now this is me. I was too uncaring to what I said to people. I was too disagree to what people saying although it's the best thing for my life. I am so regret. And I thought that being mature is not a problem, I am as an adult now (which has an Id card now :p) promise that I'd never letting people dissapointed with I am. :)

It's so exhausting to write what did happened to me, each.
But the exciting headline is National Examination and Ujian Tulis Gajahmada University is over. I did my best and I letting God gives me good news that I've passed it all with distinction. So I'd not make my parents dissapointed at me :D

I am so depressed now, because when National Examination,, I am overate. What I've seen, is what I ate. So when I'm up on the scale, I've gained 7kilos!!! Oh My Godness. What did I've already eaten?!

So what-to-do-list on my daily planner are DIET and WORKOUT!!

Happy everyday!

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