Wednesday, February 16

Sweets Treats

the 1st anniversary cake he gave to me

 Howdie Goldie

 Oreo Cheesecake

just dont know what's people think of my usual treats I eat. I dont like being so drowned by some foods, I prefer to crunch food anytime I want it to. So that's why I'll always put some chew gums in my bag wherever I go, so when I want to eat over again, I just put some gums into my mouth and chew until I bored of it. Then here goes my boyfriend stops complaining how's my eat habbit and he just try to warn me when I am too much (even the fact he is never do that to me, maybe because he's so afraid of my anger to tell me that? :p )

By the way, enjoy my new songs on my Reverbnation!

Gwenella - New Game
Gwenella - Oh Baby (I Love You)

Thank you!

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