Monday, June 14

there's still a tunnel to get out from this black out

when you called it as love, but now i dont think so. maybe i'm not the best for you, so i let you may go out from my actual life. thanks for a month being with you. i wont regret it, and i'll remembered it as a learn for the better me from now on. i'm not an average woman, i'm so incredible and you can't imagine it. so would you please just wonder me as your wonder-woman? because i'm not yours again for more. find another girl that you can make sins with her. so thank you. i'm so better with my own-way and i'm better single.

when a time i feel i can and i put my chin so much high to the max, and now i'm so regret it. i am so a sinful person and i supposed to dont do that for again. maybe Allah gives me another chance to change. even i'm not a good enough person in the whole world-you name it-but i set my mind now :

I wish I can 

so from now on, when i write this at yogyakarta, i promise to be a sincerely enough person to be meet again with YOU ALL on a new year of my life. May Allah bless our life. because Allah never lies.

so i close my 17th age.
deep breath and biggy smiles for start my whole new life on 18th YO.

Happy Birthday for me.

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