Wednesday, February 17

hello and goodbye :)

There was so long long time ago since my last post. I love to write on this blog, maybe I used to, but now I have and I should to take a breath, because I'll have some examinations.

I am a third grade on senior high school, and I think (as a bad and naughty senior) I have to build my mind to keep up and stand though for national examinations :)

But, since I had bought my own white Bold Blackberry, I couldn't concentrated for doing anything. I'm always so in love and stuck with my Blackberry, and I'm not doing anything! I'm always browsing and chatting with friends, and that's so wasting time :( although the national examination is just 30days again left, it seems that I don't care of it at all, and STILL being a couple with my Blackberry. It looks like that I'm so pity, silly, fully, addicted with a thing called BLackberry :(

I have soo many many pictures and photos to share with all of you guys, but it'll take so much time. So I promised that I'll post some pictures that I could :)

This is my last post on this February. I am so busy and wish me luck on every single day! (You too :))

So people, thank God and keep smiling! :)

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