Thursday, October 29

whats wrong with today?

i felt so angry and angry. but i dont know why. i tried to smile but i couldnt. tears always coming out on the corner of my eyes. especially when i had examinations in school. i tought i have learned it all. but i was wrong. i didnt do it my best. i felt soo angry. again, i dont know why i should angry. i just did electro, biology, and chemistry examinations today. but i think, i've got remidial for all of it. because when i received the question papers, i got to blank and i was so nervous then i forgot all of part which i've already studied las night. i am so sad that i couldnt do my best. :'((

secondally, time was 6 on the evening, i felt really badly cough that i couldnt hold my self to taking any medicines. so i had  an Actifed then i had slept. suddenly mommy and clock was ringing and shouting. oh my God, it's time to go to piano course. then i prepared all of things to go, and went to course by bike.

the fool thing was i am forgot to checking my bicycle's tyres. i felt so hard to swing the pedals. it was so tiring. but when i had arrived to my course, it was closed. i forgot that today is fifth week which the time to course-holiday. i was soo sadly swing again my bicycle's pedals to got back home.

what's wrong with today..

the tears couldnt stop falling. i feel something wrong. but i dont know what and why.

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